Our Values

Be Impactful

We only work on projects we believe will have a positive impact on the way people use technology. This is why we focus on digital products. Being able to reach millions of users with an app is just as important as creating an app that is life-changing for a small group of users. As a result of the impact, we sometimes come up with disruptive solutions that open up new pathways for our clients.

Be Fair

We are very conscious of treating co-workers, partners and clients with fairness. It is one of the foundations jtribe is built upon, ensuring we produce great project outcomes, long-term relationships within a culture that is inclusive and gives personal satisfaction.

Be Sustainable

We are here for the long run and any decision we make has long-term implications in mind. As a sustainable business we believe in open and free markets. We are here to provide for our employees and families and to help grow an app industry. We need to get paid so our great organisation can keep growing.