Our Story

jtribe was founded in 2005 as a software development consultancy.
We always had a strong drive towards new technology and innovation. While still working for large corporates we always had our side projects which kept us in touch with the latest trends in technology.
Working for many years in enterprise environments we felt that things should be done in a more flexible, efficient and meaningful fashion. This is why we established a culture at jtribe that allows us to be innovative and produce solutions that are a bit “out there”.


In 2007 jtribe created the first co-working space (the openhub) in Melbourne. With the openhub we created an environment we like to work in, share with other startups and thrive in this energetic environment. The diversity of companies who work at the openhub add to the culture of jtribe influences the way we do things.

100% mobile

It was 2008 when we started developing apps for iPhone and Android at jtribe. At first it was just the two of us who explored the new field of mobile app development. At that time no one really knew how to develop apps and how big this industry will grow. Armin and Daniel decided that mobile was the path forward and that is how the new jtribe was born.

Having impact

We like to help our clients to build apps that have an impact. We don’t build useless apps. We build apps that have a purpose and will make the user think, interact and generally enrich their life.

Technology DNA

Passion for new technology is deeply ingrained in jtribe’s DNA. Our office is filled with gadgets, hardware, mobile and integrated devices that are on the brink of entering the mainstream market. We like a challenge and this is why we are alway on the outlook for complex client problems. We craft beautiful mobile technology solutions that hide the technology complexity from the user. We think of ourselves as creators of intriguing user experiences not only through visual design but through the combination of technology and simple user interface design.

Working agile

We understand the app development process well. We subscribe to the agile approach when we work on large projects. Our clients appreciate the way we work and our deep technical understanding.

Being proud

We produce high quality apps and will need to be rewarded accordingly. Working with us will not result in something “done on the cheap”. Instead it will be an app or a mobile solution that looks, feels and behaves like an expensive app. We can only create a highly polished mobile solution with highly skilled team members. No project is to small for us as long as it offers us a technical challenge. If you have any of those challenges then you should talk to us.

Tech innovation

Here is a list of technologies we worked with: Augmented reality, visual computation, highly customised user interfaces, tactile feedback devices, bluetooth connectivity for wrist devices (Android watch), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iBeacon, face recognition, realtime distributed mobile apps, highly secure apps and data protection, highly scalable middleware for mobile apps.