Design sprint.
Better products, faster.

Design and test a digital product concept in 4 days.

From workshopping app ideas to validating proof on concepts on real users, we plan a collaborative, thorough and lean Design Sprint process where we aim to understand your business context and prototype ideas quickly and effectively before investing further in development costs.We are here to make your idea a reality. A deep dive into the key aspect of an idea will quickly validate its feasibility. We use a Design Sprints as a well-tested method to discover, focus and test an idea with real users so you can be sure your technology investment will be valuable.


We’ve used this process with some of Australia’s leading companies to create products and innovate better and faster.

Design Sprint Roadmap

The Design Sprint consist of two days workshops
- Define the challenge
- Define the prototype and storyboard
Followed by a day of prototyping and finally testing it with five real users. The feedback will be used to create the next steps in the product development journey.

Design Sprint Day 1

Define the challenge and produce solutions

Understand the business context and user needs.
Set long term goals and pick an ambitious but manageable piece of the problem to solve in one week. Create a broad range of different concepts.

- How might we?
- Long term goals
- Map a high level process
- Find examples for inspiration
- Sketch solutions

Design Sprint Day 2

Vote on solutions and create a storyboard

Critique each solution and decide on the ones that will have the best chance of achieving your long term goal. 
Create a detailed storyboard as a group.

- Concept showcase and presentations
- Vote on concepts and features
- Decide on which part of the user journey to work on
- Make final detailed storyboard

Design Sprint Day 3


Turn the storyboard into an interactive prototype and write the interview script for the next day’s user testing.

- Assign the maker, stitcher, writer, asset collector and interviewer
- Do a trial run, and make amends
- Write interview criteria

Design Sprint Day 4

User Testing

Interview customers and learn by watching them react to your prototype.

- Interviewer to conduct 5 one on one user tests
- Record user interviews and map out trends for what worked and what didn’t
- Produce a summary of the sprint and findings

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