Wherever you are on your digital product journey, we can help.

We take a collaborative approach, encouraging our clients to have a level of involvement that works for them rather than restrictive lock-in contracts

Our services
With over 100 native apps for iOS and Android, we are one of the most experienced app developers in Australia. Our modular and incremental mobile services deliver high value. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The best products are those that combine the physical and digital. Things that are connected to the Internet are all around us and enrich our homes, monitor our environment and even check our health. We help connecting devices to apps and the Cloud. With many years of experience in connectivity such as Bluetooth and MQTT we can help to make your electronic device smart and connected.

  • Connected devices and apps
  • IoT Cloud
  • Big data
  • Bluechip customers
  • RV automation, home automation, Smart thermostat control, medical device integration.
  • Google Cloud Platform, AWS IoT and Azure

Design Sprint, UI & UX

From workshopping app ideas to validating proof on concepts on real users, we plan a collaborative, thorough and lean Design Sprint process where we aim to understand your business context and prototype ideas quickly and effectively before investing further in development costs.

We are here to make your idea a reality. A deep dive into the key aspect of an idea will quickly validate its feasibility. We use a Design Sprints as a well-tested method to discover, focus and test an idea with real users so you can be sure your technology investment will be valuable.

Learn more about our Remote Design Sprint

Mobile app development

Mobile solution development and consulting is our bread and butter. We have the skills required to develop bespoke mobile solutions of any size and complexity. Our mobile delivery process is tailored to the client's specific needs, producing mobile apps that make a real impact.

Cloud Development

Whether you need deployment of cloud infrastructure with automated provisioning, load balancing and continuous deployment to production, or a lightweight auto-scaling “serverless” architecture, we can design and build robust and scalable backend services that will grow with the evolution of your solution architecture.

Mobile & IoT strategy

A digital solution such as a mobile app needs a solid strategy to provide direction for the journey ahead. The same is true for an IoT product or a cloud business solution.

Our experience in digital product and solution development helps clients gain a clear understanding of their goals, ensure their goals support their values and, provide a long term plan.

Each member of our strategic advisory team has more than five years of digital experience and many more years consulting background.

Let us create or contribute to your digital strategy.

App Support

Once a mobile app is built, your IoT or cloud solution is released it requires support. We offer different levels of support to ensure your iOS/Android app, web apps and cloud is running smoothly.

We offer high-level support to react quickly to any issues when a new mobile operating system or mobile device enters the market.

Code quality checks

Let us look at your developer's code to ensure best practices have been used. At the end of the quality check, we produce a report that highlights the good and the bad as well as providing practical solutions to improve your code.

API integration

Get us involved early to ensure your digital product integration strategy is solid, secure and scalable. We are highly experienced in building scalable digital solutions that include middleware, backends and APIs. We integrate with anything. Payment gateways, CRM and  SaaS providers.

Digital product innovation

The future is digital. No matter if mobile, IoT, cloud or web. Innovation is part of our DNA. We offer services that explore product innovation based on current and future technology.

As soon as new technology is announced we are on it, experiment with it and see if it can make our clients more successful. Use us to explore where future technology could take your digital product.

Technology research

Our mobile research service can help you develop intellectual property. A feasibility study not only increases the chance of an innovative project succeeding, it provides investor confidence in the project.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacon, quadcopters, haptic feedback devices, mobile security and mobile payment systems.

Some of the biggest computer manufacturers have used our research services.