Our most ambitious mobile project. A solution that eliminates the hassle of filling in web forms. It connects your mobile device to web forms instantly.

The Client

1Form provides online tenancy application systems to more than 2 million tenants in Australia.

The Brief

The client was looking for a technology partner to build the initial version of the POP! solution.

The solution required skills in iOS, Android, backend, middleware and web technology. Technical architecture skills were required to come up with a robust, scalable and secure solution.

The Process

The project was delivered using an agile approach and the client worked closely with our developers at the jtribe office.

The jtribe team included developers for iOS, Android, node.js, Ruby, Amazon Web Services and MongoDB.

A crucial part of the project setup was to have the client in our office for one day a week. We used this day to co-work and instantly eliminate any roadblocks, demonstrate work results and discuss the next sprint. Having the POP! designer and product owner in the office was a huge benefit.

Our extensive experience in large scale enterprise systems benefitted the project, helping to create a solution that could be scaled and guarantee privacy of user data.

Working with POP! was a great experience. The team enjoyed the journey which resulted in a high quality product.

The Solution

The solution consists of mobile apps, server-side and middleware components. The POP! solution connects the user's mobile device with the web form. Information between the web form and the app are exchanged in a secure manner - from phone to form and vice versa.

Solution components

  • ‍iPhone App
  • Android App
  • Consumer web app
  • Publisher web app
  • Middleware
  • Connectors

The mobile apps can store any type of information, in particular private data such as credit card and driver’s licence details, home address and date of birth. The information can then be selected and sent to an authorised web form. All traffic is encrypted and no data is stored on any servers. Information that has been entered into a web form can also be sent to the authorised mobile device, encrypted and stored in the app.

The solution architecture is based on a message-oriented solution with custom built middleware to connect the different components. All components have been designed with scalability in mind and are running in a cloud based environment.

The Challenges

Complexity. The technology stack incorporated native apps, web user interface down to server infrastructure and cloud based deployment.

Security. We needed to make sure data would be well encrypted on mobile devices and while being exchanged with the web form.

Custom user interface. The designer produced a highly stylised user experience which required some nifty programming on iOS and Android.

Backends More than 80% of the solution to be realised on the backend. Servers for middleware, distributed data bases and web apps need to be reliable.

Architecture An architecture blueprint was produced to organise the various technology components and ensure scalability and growth.

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