With PassRocket, retailers of any size can have a loyalty system setup within minutes. A baker at a farmer’s market can now create passes on the spot and send them out via Facebook and Twitter. Large retailers can integrate PassRocket into their exiting POS infrastructure to offer convenient Passbook passes to customers with iPhones. Businesses can now create a loyalty card where they trade. Within seconds, a business can have an instant campaign and share it with their customers.

The Client

PassRocket was developed in-house and is a jtribe product. Being our own client is enlightening as we go through the same process as our clients. It was a great opportunity to improve our delivery process.

With PassRocket, we wanted to create a platform that could help retailers improve the retail experience.

The Brief

With PassRocket, retailers, businesses and cafes would be able to design their own Loyalty ‘Pass’ and share it with their customers instantly via Twitter, Facebook and email. PassRocket would then scan customer passes each time they visit.

The app should make designing a great looking pass easy and come with a wide range of beautifully designed ‘themed’ passes.

The Process

The Solution

The platform is a mix of server-side technology that hooks into Apple's Passbook infrastructure, plus a simple iOS for retailers to manage and scan passes.

It takes only a few steps to get onto PassRocket.

As seen on TV

We are extremely proud that Apple has featured one of our passes in an Apple TV ad. The commercial is called Brilliant, and shows a pass for the De Alleyway cafe as well as big name brands Myer and Qantas.



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