Marine Discovery Centre

jtribe developed an iPad game and a Kiosk touch screen installation for The Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre in Queenscliff, Victoria. The kiosk uses a 65 inch touchscreen to educate visitors about fishing in Victoria. Two iPads run a fishing game and let children learn about fishing in Victoria.

The Client

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) offers a wide variety of services designed to assist, sustain and protect Victorian primary industries and its natural resources.

The Brief

The DPI wanted a large, touch-screen interactive application as the centrepiece of the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre in Queenscliff. The application should inform the visitor about fishing locations in Victoria and fish species at those locations.

The Process

The project took 8 weeks from inception to installation

jtribe started with a concept that illustrated the overall application flow and interaction elements. The key element of the application was an illustrated map of Victoria. After the client signed off on the concept, jtribe started the technical implementation and completed the installation of the app at the Freshwater Discovery Centre in Queenscliff.

The Solution

Visitors to the centre are presented with a large map of Victoria that has the main menu incorporated within it. All interaction elements are clearly defined and prompt the user to interact with the installation. Users can select a fishing location; learn about fish species in the area and the relevant restrictions.

The installation is also used to teach groups of school children about fishing in Victoria. Staff can use the installation to present to a group of visitors.

Two iPads are permanently installed and connected to a monitor. School children can play a fishing game that was developed specifically for the Marine Discovery Center.

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