Shuttle Time

A badminton learning app for both students and teachers the world over.

The Client

BWF Badminton is an IOC-affiliated governing body recognised the world over. Located in Kuala Lumpur since 2006, they have a remarkable 176 member associations. Their vision is for every child to have the chance to embrace badminton for life.

The Brief

The client approached us to develop an app to help children and teachers all over the world learn to play badminton — in seventeen different languages — for both tablet and mobile devices. As BWF's Shuttle Time educational program is available in a diverse variety of countries, particular emphasis was put on accessibility of the app for people from areas where high speed internet may not be as readily available.

The Process

The Solution

Built using cutting-edge technology, the app presents the user with twenty-two lessons and ninety-two videos of badminton training resources. Content can be stored locally, or, in the case of the videos, streamed straight from the internet.

Educational material is stored on Amazon Web Services for ease of access and maintenance.

A drawing board lets the teacher illustrate plans and concepts in four different colours. Images may also be saved to the device so they can be distributed, printed or simply kept for future reference.

The scoreboard and tournament table features allow anyone running a tournament to easily keep track of the score.

Tournament table data is stored on the device and up to six tournaments can be tracked at once.

The Android part of the app was developed using the Kotlin programming language. This was a great technical success and the jtribe Android team is now using Kotlin for most of the Android apps developed at jtribe. With Google announcing at Google I/O 2017 that Kotlin is now fully supported and we are proud that jtribe has already using Kotlin since 2015 and are one of the most experienced Kotlin developers in Australia.

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