Willingness to download the coronavirus COVIDSafe app is steadily growing, and so is unwillingness


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29 April 2020 – daily update


1. Going out to dinner more important than seeing friends in some states.
2. AFL creeps into the top 5.
3. Despite having only 1 new case in the last 7 days, SA is still the most anxious (and bored) state.

Coronavirus Contact Tracing COVIDSafe App

As app developers we are interested how people feel around a contract tracing app.

People willing to download the COVIDSafe app grew by 2% since yesterday to 43%.
People not willing to download the COVIDSafe app grew by 3% since yesterday to 51%.

On 28th of April

On 27th of April

More people would download the COVIDSafe app and less Aussies are resisting. Overall the trend is positive for a COVIDSafe supported Australia.

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