Our Process

There is no single best way to deliver a great mobile product. We have various process templates that can be used on a case-by-case basis. But the things we value above all are communication, people interaction and co-location. These are usually the key to a successful bespoke product development. Everything starts with a chat as we need to learn about your business goals. From there an iterative process will guide us to the mobile end product.


Our team is trained in the Agile SCRUM method. We use the best Agile coaches to keep our team at the top of Agile practices.


At the end of the workshop you will have clarity about the complexity of the project. Our preferred workshop method is to run a "Design Sprint".


Innovative mobile solutions may need a feasibility phase. Here we explore what technology and interaction model can be used to create the mobile solution.

This phase is very important for large scale projects. It will determine the way forward or even stop a project before more expenses can be put at risk.

Build and iterate

When we have enough information to start development then a cross-functional team will be mobilised and form an Agile / SCRUM team. Designers, developers and testers will be working with the Product Owner and SCRUM master to create an evolving product.

The build phase is where the produce comes to life and into the user’s hands to test and refine. At jtribe we have a strong focus on quality assurance which will pick up flaws early when they are easy to rectify.

Go live

We allocate at least one sprint to make the app even better.


Once an app is out it needs to be kept fresh.

Let's start with a chat


Skin in the game

Our agile development philosophy is based on getting mature developers involved that have a passion for software development and are experienced in agile development methods. As we aim for the best possible solution we "have skin in the game" and alert the client about any technical risks as early as possible.

Continuous integration

All our projects follow a strict continuous integration regime for the different platforms we work on (iOS, Android, mobile web). Any change in the code will automatically create a new app version which gets sent out to our client and beta testers. This encourages the most important part of our approach – instant and short feedback loops.

Mobile platforms

Our developers are capable of developing on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and mobile web. jtribe specialise in these platforms as we prefer our developers to be experts in a maximum of two platforms to ensure quality of software.

End-to-end solutions

Connecting our backend building blocks allows us to rapidly create mobile end-to-end solutions. Our backend building blocks are based on Ruby, Node.js, .NET and are architected for scalability, robustness and security.

Go live

An app is often just the tip of the iceberg. Many apps need backend integration or server components. The backend is usually bigger than the mobile app. At jtribe we are specialised to architect, design, build and run large server-based systems for our clients and our own apps. We carefully design APIs so they are optimised for mobile usage. We have gathered a great amount of experience and know-how in creating scalable systems that support large mobile solutions.

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