My Top 5 Hacks for Working From Home #wfh
Working from home can be full of distractions. You are invisible to your team but you are highly visible to your family or roommates. I have been working form home casually for more than 15 years, have read many blogs and talked to heaps of co-workers. At the end, for me, it boils down to those 5 tips to ensure I stay connected and productive.

Tell your team

Your co-workers need to plan their workday too and it's just polite to help them doing so by letting them know that you WFH.

Communicate with your team at least 1x per hour

WFH makes you invisible to your team. Make an effort to communicate regularly during the day. Just a short Slack message saying what you are up helps the team to work better.

Make yourself invisible to other family members

Every domestic situation is different. I have a family and the first couple of years they were confused when I was WFH thinking I have a day off. What worked was me going into a seperate space that is away form the family only coming into the living space for a lunch or coffee break.

Use a Pomodoro timer 25 min work / 5 min break

It's too easy to get distracted when WFH. My trick is to use a Pomodoro timer such, There are heaps out there just Google it. I have 25 min deep work followed by a 5 min break. This makes me super productive.

Walk around the block after you finished work.

In the early days I the kids where little and needed more attention. I made the time up and found myself working until 10PM and it became very difficult to switch off. My best and most recommended trick is to walk around the block after you declared work done. When you come back after the 5 min walk you feel like you came home from work.