The client

Precedence Health Care, established in Australia in 2007, is a leader in providing solutions for the prevention and management of chronic disease. Their flagship cloud-based platform cdmNet allows GPs and allied health practitioners to develop and access a shared care plan for patients.

Now a part of Sonic Healthcare, Precedence is expanding their product range to create   a coordinated care platform that links the patient to the continuum of providers, including GPs, nurses, allied health, specialists, pharmacists, community and indigenous health centres, hospitals and aged care facilities.

The brief

Precedence's vision for the MediTracker app was a highly customisable, native mobile app that presents engaging and useful content to the user while being fully customisable.

The app allows patients to:

• see complete, up-to-date medical history, medications, allergies and immunisations

• keep track of people in their care team, and access accurate contact information

• stay on top of appointments that need to be made, and those that are coming up

• track, graph and monitor important measurements and pathology tests ordered by their GP

Other key requirements for MediTracker included the ability for patients to see graphs of measurements from their doctor, and to sync measurements from Apple HealthKit and Google Fit back to the care team via cdmNet.

Access your medical record anytime, anywhere

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The process

MediTracker has been a long-running project with jtribe working closely with the product team at Precedence, culminating in a public release of the app in early 2017.

The project team adopted a Kanban-style approach to development. Our QA team were involved from the outset to ensure all features were testable. Automated UI testing was employed, running on jtribe's continuous integration server every time the codebase is modified.

To prepare for the public release, jtribe trained Precedence staff in how to use app analytics to better evaluate their marketing goals and evaluate product features. We then helped marketing and product teams to select the most appropriate platform and integrated it in to the product.

The MediTracker product continues to evolve, and jtribe provides support and new features under a Tailored Support Plan, which also allows us to pro-actively test and resolve issues arising from new iOS and Android version and the release of new devices.

Your medications and immunisations at your fingertips

Keep track of your clients tests and measurements

The solution

Our team worked closely with Precedence to implement subscription-based apps for iOS and Android. The apps provide multiple sections of medical data to the patient, and these sections can be customised by Precedence on a per-patient basis. Precedence can even add new sections to the app at a later date to provide new features to the user, without the need for any modifications to the mobile apps.

Given the sensitive nature of medical data, the apps use best-practice security protocols and penetration testing was conducted by an independent security consultant. Device features such as Touch ID for fingerprint identification were also utilised to provide the best user experience and strong privacy.

The app has been very favourably received by the industry and health media, such as Pulse IT and Medical Observer.

Share your Apple Health measurements with your doctor and care team